Wrap Guidelines

Wrap Guidelines

Many people think about using an old car and just parking outside their business to act as a billboard. This is a great idea as long as you follow one simple rule…

When choosing a vehicle for a wrap make absolutely sure the paint is not “dead” i.e. chalky, clear coat is lifting, has a whitish appearance, flaking off, cracked, rust bubbles, or anything that looks like it is coming off.

If it is, then the wrap will not last and you will have wasted thousand of dollars on an otherwise brilliant marketing idea.

So if you are wondering if your car is “wrap worthy” take a good look at the paint. If you have any questions please send us some photos and we can give you our advice. We want you to be happy with your wrap and get the most wear out of it you can. Any car can be wrapped and will look fantastic as long as you have a good paint foundation.

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