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Panel Truck Online Form
Complete the form below and click the submit button to request a quote online. You will receive an answer within 24 hours. Fax any necessary artwork to 888-616-7546 or email artwork as attachments to You may also download a PDF of this form, complete it, and fax it along with your artwork to 888-616-7546.
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Complete this section when ordering TruckSkin®
Side Panel Graphic.
Measure dimensions to within 1/4″.
Please measure accurately and answer all questions.
TruckSkin is not responsible for wrong-sized skins.

What is the body construction?
Other (describe) Fiberglass reinforced plywood/panels (FRP)
Aluminum sheet and post
Stainless rails

Van Body/Box manufacturer name and model number.

Describe the condition of Trailer/Van Body/Box.
Well Used
Other Describe

If the bottom rail edge is not straight, describe actual bottom edge

If there are wheel wells, describe their placement and dimensions.

Indicate the general location of any side doors, side brackets, fuel filter caps, mounting rails or other modiciations already done to the van body.

Enter Panel Sizes
A panel width
B rear rail edge
C panel height
D bottom rail height

Select Cap Type

Type 1
Type 2
Type 3

Above Cap Graphic
A height
B width

Cab Door Graphics
Please choose the largest possible clear image area from the following sizes.
18″h x 26″w 12″h x 22″w Other
20″h x 40″w 20″h x 32″w

Complete this section when ordering a DoorSkin®
Back Door Graphic
Does your truck have a folding rear lift gate that will cover part of the image?
Yes – Enter Size

3b Individual panel heights
1b Full vertical measurement
2b Full door panel width
4b Number of panels
5b Height of open handle in UP position

Notes & Comments
Type any additional notes you may have here. Include comments on the left and right sides of the vehicle.

Please send DIGITAL IMAGE of Sides and Back of Van Body to:
I confirm that the above measurements are correct and do not hold
TruckSkin® liable for any incorrect measurements.

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