5 Proven Ideas To Increase Your Advertising ROI

1. Vehicle wraps and truck advertising are some of the most cost effective ads with the most visual impact. Studies by the American Trucking Association show that 91 percent of people notice words and pictures when displayed on trucks. Metro trucks are seen by 14 million pairs of eyes a year. Take advantage; show more than just a name on the side of your delivery truck. Let TruckSkin turn your truck into a mobile billboard!

2. All-purpose floor graphics are waterproof and fade resistant. When applied to a smooth, clean floor the material will typically last up to 6 months (depending upon foot traffic). It is a perfect material for retail displays & aisle markers, large floor stickers, and trade show graphics. Use them to guide your customers to sale items or “just in” products.

3. Vehicle window graphics grab the attention of those potential customers around you wherever your car is. Just like car wraps, your message is displayed 24/7, it never turns off. Just like window tint, window graphics keep your car cool and helps to protect your interior from sun damage, but unlike tint, it also is great advertising and the cost is typically about the same.


4. So you have decided to take advantage of the great marketing potential of a vehicle wrap, but really don’t have the funds for it in your budget to do it? Don’t give up! You can still take advantage of all the exposure a wrap gives you for a lot less by doing a partial wrap. You can wrap just an area of your car to get your same message out.


5. When it’s not being driven park your car, truck or trailer out at the road so it can easily be seen by customers looking for your store. It’s not just a tool, it’s a huge sign for your store, think about it that way. Think about other local places you want to market in, not just your parking lot. Park it in a visible spot at a busy corner in town, right out in front of your big local hardware store, electronics store or a busy grocery store. Shhh! You can even park it near your competition.


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